How May I Make Your Day, Cookie Delicious?

About OneBakedBroad

Hello, I am Kim, or OneBakedBroad. I thought I would introduce myself, too often we forget that there are real people behind small businesses. I'm a one woman show running this little cookie business. I have been baking cookies for about 6 years for fun, first 5 years perfecting my recipe, my icing, my designs. With Wisconsin changing its laws regarding baking from home, I look forward to this opportunity full heartedly and hope to expand.   I'm the one responding to all emails, inquiries and social media comments. I'm the one you discuss details and pricing with. I'm also the only one who designs and bakes each order. I mix all colors of icing and clean the mess of a kitchen afterwards! I'm the only one who creates and designs each individual cookie you see, or eat. I'm the sole shopper who stocks my pantry with all necessary ingredients and supplies. Scheduling pickups and boxing each order, you got it, that’s me. I do not have a store front, I do not have extra cookies on hand. Each order is made for you specifically. I love providing cookies that are specific to you and your event. I cannot thank you enough for allowing OneBakedBroad to provide treats for your special occasion.   In addition to baking OneBakedBroad treats I have a full time career outside of my home, and I am a wife, a mom of 3 college age kids, a canine mom of 3, all of which are very important to me. I love everything about it. Because of the life and business world I live in, I have a very specific schedule for designing, mixing, rolling, baking, decorating, cleaning, boxing, and delivering/scheduling pickups.